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Josh Lerch Art Studio

Perception is reality, therefore reality is the lie we tell ourselves because we don't have time to understand everything as well as it should be. Reality is a subjective thing for most people when it comes to religion, politics, or simply what truly beautiful people may be like. Perception is easy, perception contains hope, perception makes us happy. Not a bad thing for sure, but sometimes you may surprise yourself how much you enjoy seeing another point of a visual artist I mean that literally.

The subject inspires and the process builds.

     As a student of Landscape Architecture I have extensive training in the design process, hand drafting, and rendering as well as creating perspective, elevation, and plan views of my designs.  I fell in love with this process and for the first time it occurred to me I could add that to my natural talents for drawing and creating. 

     I found that the design process fueled my passions when I used it for solving self created design problems that I would challenge myself with while doing exercises in visual abstraction.  Since my natural style is lines, planes, and overlapping structures it blends in perfectly with my full drafting and design education and enhances the process I have learned and personalized over time.

     While I don’t actively seek or categorize myself as a cubist it is the most similar example of how my mind likes to break an image apart and recreate. Movement, balance, contrast, and composition all seamlessly work together as I use these lines and planes to build the structure that recreates what inspires me.  By using what I learned as a student of the design process and illustration I have blended my talents as an illustrator, draftsman, and painter to create a style that has an unlimited potential to build its own identity.

     I apply my process to landscapes, figurative paintings, still life, and what I call portrait stories where I use all my abstraction ability to tell a personal story through portraiture.

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